Asset Tracking Systems for your plant and construction equipment

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Keeping track of plant and equipment can be difficult and time consuming. Ensuring that expensive equipment is safe and secure and that it is not being used without authorisation is almost a full time job. Qtrail Asset Tracking Systems for your plant and construction equipment can give you precise information on activity, location and actual hours of use. The Qtrail tracking device is cleverly concealed in the asset and can then be forgotten about. The device will record and transmit detailed information about usage, location and any movement to our servers. You will be able to view the data directly via your laptop, PC or smart phone.

Asset Tracking Systems

Asset Tracking Screens

GPS tracker systems keep track of all type of assets conveniently providing complete, ‘real time’ information. Qtrail Asset trackers offer a simple and effective way to manage a range of equipment whether they be for own use or for hire. The tracking system will alert you if an asset moves out of your compound or zone of operation. In addition, Qtrail trackers provide detailed records on asset operation, location and accurate movement detection.

Monitoring your drivers helps you vastly decrease employee costs and overtime abuse

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Satellite Asset Tracking

Qtrail GPS satellite Tracking devices are fully transferable between machines and offer a cost effective means of managing a fleet of equipment. In addition the tracking device can help to speed up recovery of stolen machines and avoid incidental damage. Discover the precise location of your equipment, route and activity. Use the data to resolve disputes related to hours of use and even track service and maintenance periods. Tracking devices can even help to reduce your insurance premiums as they are recognised as an effective method to track and recover stolen assets.

Benefits of Asset Tracking with Qtrail Tracking Devices

  • Track assets and equipment in ‘Real Time’
  • Receive full data on activity, location and actual hours of use
  • Speed up recovery of stolen assets
  • Instant alerts
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Convenient tracking via your laptop, PC or smart phone

Qtrail asset tracking devices protect a wide variety of valuable equipment, including all forms of plant and equipment, vehicles, containers, fuel and materials.

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