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Caravans and Motorhome Tracking Systems.

Motorhome Tracking

It takes only seconds to steal a caravan or motorhome. Even with sophisticated alarms, tethers and other security devices.

Caravan thieves are quick and ruthless and unfortunately there is a plentiful and unsuspecting market for their stolen goods.

GPS Caravan Tracking Systems

Tracking Caravan

To be sure to recover your family caravan or motorhome quickly it is recommended to install a caravan tracking device. Statistics show that a caravan tracking device is the most successful method of beating the caravan thieves.

Using GPS tracking systems, your caravan can be tracked and recovered quickly and efficiently – often within hours of the theft and before the thieves have chance to cause any serious damage.

Monitoring your drivers helps you vastly decrease employee costs and overtime abuse

Crane on Lorry

Full Web Based Tracking System adaptive for all devices.

The Most effective method of Caravan Recovery

GPS vehicle tracking is now recognised as the most effective method of caravan or motorhome recovery. Caravan theft is on the increase with many hundreds of vehicles stolen each year.

Police Tracking Motorhome

Tracking system is a sophisticated electronic device carefully hidden within the structure of the caravan. The tracking device recognises movement of your caravan and reports the location of the vehicle by sending a signal to a central control server.

You will receive an alert that your caravan is on the move.

Save On Your Caravan or Motorhome Insurance

Caravan Savings

Owners who fit vehicle tracking devices to their caravan or motorhome can receive generous discounts on their insurance policy.

Caravan insurance companies recognise that mobile tracking devices are the most successful method of recovering stolen caravans or motorhomes.

Typically, your caravan or motorhome insurance can be reduced by 20 -30% for vehicles fitted with Vehicle Tracking systems and remember, your Qtrail tracker can be refitted if you change your vehicle.

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