Car and Vehicle Tracking Systems

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Car theft is a constant problem which affects thousands of people each year. However, it not just the loss of a vehicle that affects the victims. Vehicle theft has far-reaching implications which can seriously disrupt family life and business. The loss of a vehicle can be an expensive and distressing time for the victims.

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Vehicle recovery using Car tracking systems

Whilst the opportunistic car thief might simply take a chance when they find an unattended car with the keys left in the ignition, it is more likely that the thief will first steal the keys and then make off with the car.

Car Recovery

Gangs often set up housebreak-ins as a method to access car keys. This type of theft is becoming more prevalent due to sophisticated key systems, alarms and immobilisers.

Avoiding car theft is not always possible; but recovery is more likely with a car tracking system. Fitting a car tracking device to your vehicle allows the car to be tracked and recovered – often within a very short time. Using a GPS tracking system is now recognised as the most effective method of stolen vehicle tracking and recovery

Monitoring your drivers helps you vastly decrease employee costs and overtime abuse

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Full Web Based Tracking System adaptive for all devices.

Reduce insurance cost with a Vehicle Tracking Device

Car Insurance

It is not often that insurance companies will actually offer a discount but car tracking systems have proven so effective in recovering stolen vehicles in recent years that most insurers now offer generous discounts on premiums for vehicles fitted with a tracking device.

Qtrail successfully tracks and recovers a large number of vehicles.Stolen vehicle recovery is usually fast and avoids additional damage, this represents a huge benefit to insurance companies which is passed on to the motorist in the form of discounted premiums.

Car and Vehicle Tracking Systems

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A Car Tracking system is a sophisticated electronic device carefully hidden deep within the structure of your car. Installation is quick and completed with a minimum of disruption at your home or office. The tracking device recognises movement of your car or vehicle and reports the location by sending a signal to a central control server. You will receive information advising exactly where your car is. Using GPS tracking systems, your car can be tracked and recovered quickly and efficiently – often within hours of the theft and before the thieves have chance to cause any serious damage.

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