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Stolen Farm Equipment

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Growing quantities of farm plant and machinery are being stolen every year.

Agricultural equipment tracking is becoming an important means to reduce or prevent the loss of valuable farm equipment.

Much of the farm equipment stolen is never recovered. Only as much as 5% of stolen farm plant and machinery is ever recovered. This is already a worrying situation but the problem seems to be on the increase.

Qtrail has solutions for tracking farm plant and equipment which is practical and very efficient. We can fit tracking systems to tractors, trailers, vehicles and even large equipment such as combine harvesters.

Monitoring your drivers helps you vastly decrease employee costs and overtime abuse

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Full Web Based Tracking System adaptive for all devices.
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Our GPS tracking systems are easily fitted to all types of farm equipment. The tracking devices are securely and discreetly attached to your farm equipment and will send a message if the item is moved.

Fitting a tracking device to your farm equipment allows the unit to be tracked and recovered – often within a very short time.

Using a GPS tracking system is now recognised as the most effective method of recovering stolen vehicle and equipment.

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Qtrail has numerous solutions for safeguarding your farm and estate assets and monitoring their actual locations – even livestock.

Our security products can inform you of unwanted intruders, open gates or equipment malfunctions.

Qtrail tracking devices protect a wide variety of valuable equipment, including tractors, trailers, excavators, loaders, telescopic handlers, horse boxes, farm fuels and materials.

Farm Plant and Equipment Recovery Using Tracking Systems

Farm Tracking

Fitting a tracking device to your equipment allows the unit to be tracked and recovered – usually within a very short time.

The tracking device recognises movement of your assets and reports the location by sending a signal to a central control server. You will receive information advising the exact location of your equipment.

Using GPS tracking systems, your assets can be tracked and recovered quickly and efficiently – often within hours of the theft and before the thieves have chance to cause any serious damage

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