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Marine Tracker devices and security systems for boat owners

Sail Boat

Boats can be a very costly investment and for a large part of the time they are left exposed and unattended.

It is therefore important to be sure that your vessel is secure and safe from unauthorised use.

Even with hi-tech alarms and other security devices it is still possible for the boat to be either towed away or sailed away.

However, using a boat tracking device will ensure that you will be aware if your boat is moved and that the vessel can be located quickly.

Monitoring your drivers helps you vastly decrease employee costs and overtime abuse

Crane on Lorry

Full Web Based Tracking System adaptive for all devices.

GPS Tracking Systems for Boats

Boat Sensors

Qtrail Marine Tracking systems are suitable for all types of vessels; the GPS Tracking device is a clever electronic system hidden within the fabric of the boat.

The marine tracker recognises movement of the vessel and will alert you to unauthorised travel.

Locate your boat at any time by logging on to the tracking system to reveal the exact location and direction of travel.

GPS vessel tracking systems allow your boat to be tracked and found quickly and efficiently.

Boat security using Marine Tracking

Harbour Tracking

The vessel tracking device can also be programmed to monitor cabin security and other systems.

Guard against intruders with Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensors and protect against bilge pump failure problems with a pump monitor.

Receive instant text message alerts if your boat is in danger; your vessel tracker enables you to take action quickly before major damage occurs.

A vessel tracker can help you save money on insurance costs

Caravan Savings

It is widely acknowledged that marine tracker devices greatly assist the recovery stolen vessels.

Since vessel tracking systems are very effective in reducing insurance claims, many insurance companies will offer a discount to boat owners who fit tracking devices.

A Qtrail vessel tracker can be fitted at the location of your choice and can be relocated if you change your boat.

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