Plant Tracking Systems

Plant and Equipment Tracking Systems from Qtrail

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If you are managing a fleet of plant or equipment, the chances are that you are constantly preoccupied with the location and security of your assets.


Installing GPS tracking systems can help you manage your fleet and securely track the location of each item of plan or equipment 24 hours a day.

Track Plant and Equipment

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GPS tracker systems allow you to keep track of your machines, equipment and vehicles continuously and conveniently, with complete, ‘real time’ information.

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Speed up recovery of stolen machines and avoid incidental damage with the aid of state of the art GPS tracking devices that communicate with you directly through your laptop, PC or smart phone.

Monitoring your drivers helps you vastly decrease employee costs and overtime abuse

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Full Web Based Tracking System adaptive for all devices.

Satellite Tracking

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Qtrail offer complete GPS satellite tracking devices for a wide range of applications including plant tracking, industrial machinery and fleet management.

Tracking devices are fully transferable between machines and offer a cost effective means of managing a fleet of equipment.

Detailed activity reports are available simply and quickly which ensures that your assets are being used appropriately and efficiently.

Track various aspects such as usage, idle time, location, movements and of course be alerted to theft.

Qtrail has numerous solutions for tracking plant and equipment assets and monitoring their locations. Our security products can inform you of unauthorised use, out of hours operation and even monitor actual machine operation time. Qtrail tracking devices protect a wide variety of valuable equipment, including all forms of plant and equipment, vehicles, containers, fuel and materials.

Plant Recovery Using Qtrail Tracking Systems

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Plant and equipment tracking from Qtrail is the clever way to accurately locate your plant and accurately track all activity.

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GPS plant tracking systems can help recover your equipment if it is stolen or misplaced.

The Qtrail system uses GPS satellites to locate your equipment, their positions, routes and activity.

Plant tracking devices are perfect to assist with the speedy recovery of stolen equipment and minimise unauthorised operation.

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Fitting tracking devices to your fleet helps Police locate and retrieve stolen items quickly - usually within a very short time.

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