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This area of our site is available for downloading and upgrading our GPRS tracking system. Be sure to consult Qtrail technical support before attempting to use any of the files available from this site.

Qtrail has a policy of free upgades to ensure you the customer have best possible system irrespective of when you bought your sytem from us.

Your system will automatically upgrade itself under normal circumstances.
This page is provided for use where a manual upgrade or reinstall is required for some unusual reason.

Monitoring your drivers helps you vastly decrease employee costs and overtime abuse

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To install or reinstall the GPRS system on your PC, please click this link to download the install file.


Use this link to take you to the page containing the files to upgrade an existing installation to the current release level. Use this if the automatic update system not worked correctly.


This link will take you to the page containing our current beta files being tested for the possile next release. Use these files with caution.


This link will take you to the page containg the mapping download. You will require a password from Qtrail support before you can download the mapping installer.

If requested by the Qtrail installer you will need to install the Microsoft dotnetfxV1.1 Use this link to download the installer.