Truck and Lorry Tracking Systems

GPS vehicle tracking systems

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Truck and lorry tracking using GPS vehicle tracking systems from Qtrail allows you to monitor the activity your fleet of trucks, vans or heavy goods vehicles in real time.

As experts in truck tracking we understand the difficulty of effectively managing a fleet of vehicles. Companies that rely on fleet vehicles to deliver goods and services to their clients can achieve significant cost savings and improved efficiency when they install GPS fleet Tracking Systems.

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Fleet tracking systems

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Fleet tracking provides on the spot data for every lorry in your fleet. Since GPS vehicle tracking systems offers 24/7 activity monitoring, you can achieve complete control over your fleet.
Vehicles fitted with Truck or Lorry Tracking Systems have been shown to deliver significantly reduced running costs and improved productivity.
Increasing fuel costs can quickly eat into the profit margin of any company that relies on fleet vehicles to service their business so, tracking your truck will allow you to monitor mileage, fuel consumption, idling and CO2 emissions..

Monitoring your drivers helps you vastly decrease employee costs and overtime abuse

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Benefits of Truck & Lorry Tracking


Reduce fuel and mileage

Monitoring idling, speeding and other fuel consumption activities, will enable you spend just the nescessary, and keep control.


Increased productivity

With the ability to monitor your drivers, you can see if they are performing as required. This will enable your company to get work completed more efficiently.


Comprehensive Data and Reports

Our online comprehensive reports, detail the daily routes - speed etc. of each vehicle in the fleet.


Automated notifications

Emergency status notifications are sent direct to you wia Email or SMS text.


Installation at your location

We travel to your location to install the tracking equipment, at a time suitable to you.

Free Training

Free Training

All training required to operate the tracking units, and operate the online reporting system, is included.


Free software upgrades

Online support includes all Software Updates together with full supporting instructions.

Technical Support

Customer and technical support

Online technical support, including upgrades, are available. We also provide live Customer support when required.

Location based Fleet tracking

Operating a busy truck fleet it is essential to know the exact location of each vehicle at any time. GPS vehicle tracking systems precisely locate vehicles and can help to optimise routes reducing overlap or unnecessary mileage. Lorry tracking can help to speed up journeys and reduce wasted time.

Online Screen checking

Qtrail tracking systems allow unlimited real time access to your fleet routing information and location.

What’s more, vehicle tracking couldn’t simpler –
access you tracking system from your office or home using your laptop, PC or smart phone.

Safety and security

A direct benefit of truck and lorry tracking is the added safety of your fleet and drivers. Knowing where you truck is at any time and being able to track any unauthorised traffic will ensure that assets and goods are traceable.

GPS vehicle tracking facilitates the recovery of stolen lorries quickly and efficiently. Receive accurate information on your vehicle location at any time.

Recover your vehicle and goods before it’s too late.

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