Van Tracking Systems

Van and fleet tracking solutions.


Running a fleet or just one or two vans? Installing a GPS van tracking system can help you manage your fuel costs and optimise vehicle and driver performance.

Commercial GPS Trackers allow you to keep track of your vans and drivers continuously and conveniently, with full, ‘real time’ information including speed, mileage, fuel consumption and idle time.

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Benefits of Van Tracking

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  • Reduce fuel, maintenance and insurance costs
  • Easy, real time monitoring
  • A Qtrail Tracking system allows Optimisation of van scheduling and routing
  • Comprehensive reports including visit time and on site time
  • Recorded data allows you to monitor scheduled maintenance
  • Installation is provided at your location and convenience
  • Trouble-free, and easy to use
  • Free online software upgrades
  • We provide full Customer and technical support

Monitoring your drivers helps you vastly decrease employee costs and overtime abuse

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Full Web Based Tracking System adaptive for all devices.

Vehicle recovery using Van tracking systems

Van Tracking

Van tracking from Qtrail is the intelligent way to accurately locate your vehicles and drivers 24/7. GPS Van Tracking systems can help cut fuel costs and Increase productivity. Your vehicles are continuously tracked and that information is available to you, at any time, via any PC, smartphone or tablet.

The Qtrail system uses GPS satellites to locate your vehicles, their positions, routes and activity. Detailed activity reports are available simply and quickly which ensures that your vehicles are being used appropriately and efficiently. Productivity is increased, journey times reduced and idle time is minimised when a van tracking device is fitted.

Vehicle tracking devices have been proven to help with swift recovery of stolen vehicles and eliminate unauthorised vehicle use. Fitting vehicle tracking devices to your fleet greatly assists van tracking and recovery – usually within a very short time.

Reduce insurance cost with a Vehicle Tracking Device

Insurance Van

It’s not often that insurance companies will actually offer a discount but car tracking systems have proven so effective in recovering stolen vehicles in recent years that most insurers now offer generous discounts on premiums for vehicles fitted with a tracking device.

Qtrail successfully tracks and recovers a large number of vehicles.

Stolen vehicle recovery is usually fast and avoids additional damage, this represents a huge benefit to insurance companies which is passed on to the motorist in the form of discounted premiums.

Benefit from reduced insurance cost with Van Fleet Tracking Devices

Not only does Vehicle Tracking allow you to keep track of your vans and drivers 24 hours a day, seven days a week but it can also reduce the price of your fleet insurance.

Qtrail tracking systems help to locate a large number of stolen vehicles. Vehicle recovery is typically fast and helps to minimise further damage. Insurance companies offer substantial discounts on vehicles fitted with vehicle tracking systems.

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